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Keep kids close and safe at hands in crowds or when go shopping, travelling, walking or other outdoor activities. The Infant Baby Carrier is designed to support the baby's spine and keep a healthy position for their hips while they are carried. With the adjustable strap this can be worn on the front (belly to belly), on the back or in the hip position. Included, is a hood to block out any noise for when your baby's asleep, so you can continue any activity. 

Color: Dark Blue or Maroon
Material: 100% soft cotton


- Support the baby's spine and is the healthy position for their hips while they are carried
- Wide padded shoulder straps with adjustable buckle design to give maximum comfort
- Comes with a hood to protect sleeping baby's head and make continued activity possible
- Also can act as a baby seat cushion used inside car
- Easily creates a close, secure, and warm environment for your babies

Washing Instructions:
- Wash with mild detergent on gentle cycle, and hand wash is recommended
- Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seam are still damp
- Spot clean when needed, don't machine wash frequently
- Do not use bleach
-Do not iron

- Do not wear the baby facing out
- Only use the baby carrier when standing, walking or sitting
- Before putting your baby in the carrier practice putting the carrier on and taking off to ensure you are familiar with all procedures
- Always check all the buckles and fastenings are securely closed the straps correctly fitted and adjusted before using the carrier
- Your balance may be affected by your own and your child's movement
- Take great care when leaning forward
- This baby-carrier is not adapted for sporting activities
- Take frequent breaks as you and your child may become tired